Same-Sex Adoption

Adoption Solutions For Same-Sex Couples In Georgia

For same sex couples throughout Georgia, there are options for growing their families through adoption. At The Law Office of Gina Smalley, we provide legal strategies for completing these adoptions efficiently. Our attorney carries the legal burden throughout the process, so that you can focus on the personal changes and joys of adoption.

Providing The Legal Steps Needed To Grow Your Family

If you are in a same-sex relationship and exploring the possibility of adopting a child, pleasecontactour office today to schedule a consultation and learn about your options. Couples can adopt the child jointly, with both parents being granted parental rights. In some cases, the child was biologically born to one member of the relationship. In this case, the significant other may be able to initiate an adoption process similar to stepparent adoption, even though the two are not legally married.

We also work with couples who have had a child together, whether through in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. Our attorney handles all legal steps to formalize the adoption of the baby following the birth. This includes agreements with surrogate mothers or sperm donors.

Our firm takes great joy in helping these couples provide loving homes to children. If you are exploring this option, please call us today to learn how we can help. Call 770-794-4460.

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