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Dependency Proceedings and Petitions to Terminate Parental Rights

When child abuse or neglect is alleged, parents oftentimes are approached by DFCS. Once DFCS becomes involved, parents often struggle to maintain their full parental rights. These parents face many different requirements that can put their relationships with their children in jeopardy. They are forced to take classes, submit to UA (drug screens) and attend hearings.

It often feels like DFCS is doing everything possible to end the parent-child relationship. In fact, this is often what happens. Parents who do not comply with court orders during deprivation of parental rights often face termination of their parental rights. Once this action goes forward, it’s almost impossible to reverse it on appeal.

That’s why, if you have been accused of abuse or neglect, it is critical to talk with an attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights. Working with an experienced lawyer from the very beginning can help prevent heartache and loss that often comes with termination of parental rights.

Termination of Parental Rights:

If the Department of Family of Children’s Service, or sometimes a private individual, believes that a parent has left a child in a dependent state for a long enough period of time, a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights may be filed.At the Law Offices of Gina Smalley, clients on both sides of the table (seeking to have rights terminated or seeking to preserve rights) can benefit from Gina Smalley’s years of juvenile court experience.

Deprivation Actions:

Deprivation action is a prerequisite to a Termination of Parental Rights action.If you or a loved one have been served with a deprivation petition, it is essential that you find an attorney to assist you in preserving your family.In addition, if you believe that a child may be deprived by his or her parents but no crime has been committed, The Law Offices of Gina Smalley can discuss your rights and the rights of the child(ren) involved.If you believe that any child is in immediate danger, please contact law enforcement.

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