Step-Parent Adoptions: Sometimes, a step-parent is the only parental figure a child knows. At the Law Office of Gina Smalley, we help families come together in situations where a step-parent has become a parental figure in a child’s life. For a step-parent to legally adopt a step-child, the following must apply:

  • The step-parent is married to one of the child’s legal parents
  • The legal parent not married to the step-parent has either consented to an adoption, had his/her rights previously terminated, or has abandoned the child.
  • The parent to whom the step-parent is married must consent to the adoption.
Third – Party Adoptions/Equitable Caregivers: If your child has a parental figure in his/her/their life that is not related to the child by marriage or other familial relations, that parental figure oftentimes has rights to adopt and/or obtain custodial rights to the child. An example of this would be if a legal parent dies and the deceased parent’s close friend takes on a parental role with the child, with the consent of the surviving parent.

Adult Adoptions: Georgia recognizes and supports adult adoptions. Any adult has the ability to adopt another consenting adult. For adult adoptions, both the adult adoptee and the adopting party must consent. The consent of the legal parents of the adult adoptee is NOT required. At the Law Office of Gina Smalley, we see individuals seek adult adoptions for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the adult adoptee does not know his/her/their biological parent or parents’ identity at all. Sometimes, as part of the healing process following childhood abuse or neglect, an adult adoptee wants to “start over.” There are no statutory required “reasons” for an adult adoption.

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