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Located in East Cobb, Georgia, our law firm — Law Offices of Gina Smalley, LLC — represents clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, modification, custody, child support, legitimation, contempt, grandparents’ rights, third party custody and adoption. We also handle some civil litigation, including breach of contract issues and the drafting and review of contracts.

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Not every legal issue is strictly related to one practice area or another. In fact, many of the matters we handle contain both criminal defense and family law matters. These include issues of domestic violence and restraining orders, as well as some matters in juvenile court. Because we handle both areas of law, we have a broad perspective on how these matters will affect our clients. We work to make sure that negative effects are limited and that our clients achieve the best possible results through our efforts.

Family Law/Domestic Relations

As an experienced lawyer, Gina Smalley guides clients to achieve favorable solutions in matters of family law (often referred to as domestic relations). Our law firm handles a wide range of matters in this area of law, including the ones listed below:

  • Legitimation and fathers’ rights — Securing your parental rights
  • Divorce/collaborative law — Offering solutions to achieve an efficient divorce
  • Separate maintenance/alimony — Making sure you are treated fairly in alimony proceedings
  • Child support — Ensuring that your children are financially provided for
  • Child custody — Protecting the relationship you have with your children
  • Name changes
  • Modification of existing court orders
  • Adoption — Facilitating domestic, same-sex and stepparent adoptions

Civil Litigation

We also represent clients in matters of civil litigation. We negotiate, draft and review contracts for individuals and small-business clients. We also assist in litigation related to breach of contract when a business deal falls through or an agreement turns sour. Our focus is on resolving matters cost-effectively, so we encourage smart solutions that protect our clients’ interests while limiting time spent in court.

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