Courts Reopening and 2020 Year End Review

Since our last post, much has changed! For the most part, courts are re-opened statewide. Many courts are conducting the majority of hearings virtually, but a few are holding in-person proceedings. Although it has been challenging to learn new technology, at The Law Offices of Gina Smalley, we have adapted to the ever-changing technology demands and have conducted several hearings both virtually and in-person. We are happy to report that the change to the framework from mostly in-person to mostly virtual has not stopped us from providing zealous legal representation! 2020, despite all of its pitfalls, has given us the opportunity to help several deserving people and families through trying times. Here is a summary of my favorites from this year:

  • We finalized a contested step-parent adoption that allowed our client to adopt his step-son.
  • We convinced a Judge to hold our client’s ex-spouse in contempt of court for denying parenting time.
  • We got a grandmother custody of her grandchildren.
  • We convinced the Department of Family and Children’s Services to place a child with our clients instead of foster care.
  • We helped a special needs child get adopted.
  • We finalized a complicated divorce in favor of our client.
  • We helped an adult with a difficult past become part of a loving family.
  • We helped a mom who had been turned away by other lawyers due to the complexity of the case win back custody of her children.

So, while 2020 was challenging for us in the same way it was for everyone else, we and those that trusted us with their matters, are ending the year on a positive note. Writing this post and the year in review to prepare it has taught me that difficult times should be viewed as opportunities!

The Law Office of Gina Smalley is looking forward to another amazing year doing what we do best –helping people protect what matters!

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